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Travelling Artists

Project by Anna Lipphardt (head of research group)

Travelling Artists. Mobility and Artistic Practice in the 21st Century


solitude_travelling artists

Solitude, Take-away-desk where departing fellows leave groceries and household items behind for new arrivals, May 25, 2012.
© Julia Warmers.


The interdisciplinary project explores the interdependencies of mobility, the living conditions of artists, artistic practises, professional networks and the art market across various art sectors. Based on expert and qualitative in-depth interviews, ques­tionnaires, data from selected residency programs, and artistic inter­ventions, the project seeks to illuminate mobility-related challenges and opportunities emerging artists face, and contributes on the empirical level to the growing research on mobility of highly-qualified professionals, to art research and to cultural economics.


For further reading:

Anna Lipphardt: Artists on the Move. in: IGBK (ed.), a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT / How to become an artist in residence. Berlin, 2012, p. 109-122.

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