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Travelling Artists. Mobility and Artistic Practice in the 21st Century (Anna Lipphardt)

“Moving Targets” and Mobile Life-Worlds: The Minority of the Yeniche and the Circus in the context of regimes of mobility and residency (Anna Lipphardt, Anja Joos)

Il/legalizing Mobility - Legal Categorizations of Unauthorized Migrants in Europe (Inga Schwarz)

Vivre dans une roulotte: Mobile Lifeworlds of Alternative Travellers in Germany and France (Matthias Möller)

Mobile work-life arrangements of contemporary street performers in Europe (Jeanne Labigne)

Romani Mobilities across the Atlantic: An Ethnography of movement and connections among Romani Groups (Esteban Acuna)

On the significance of mobility and residency rights. A comparative case study on the situation of the Yeniche minority in Germany and Switzerland. (Anja Joos)

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